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Support for Overwhelmed Caregivers

I know how taxing caregiving can be because I’ve lived it. I've seen the toll it can take on the family members and friends of people needing care.  My experience as both a caregiver and someone needing caregiving inspired me to launch this business to teach other people the skills I learned the hard way.

Caregiving for a loved one is never easy, but I can help you learn to take better care of yourself while caring for someone else. Most of us try to do it all ourselves. We feel guilty. We feel like we're not enough. We don't need help. I'm here to show you another way.

Free Discovery Calls

Are you struggling with making decisions related to caregiving?  Do you have questions about services and support? Our free discovery call can help you identify priorities related to caregiving and self-care. We take the time to focus on the caregiver making sure they're taking the steps they need to manage their self-care while supporting their loved ones.

One-on-One Caregiver Coaching

For more in-depth support, Melody offers one-on-one coaching services that help caregivers develop the skills needed to better care for themselves and others.

Corporate Wellness and Employee Assistance

As an employer, you may not even realize the number of family caregivers in your workplace.  Many family caregivers express concerns about disclosing their caregiving status to a supervisor or employer. Caregiver support services such as coaching, counseling, and wellness programs as benefits can support your employees.  We can work with you to offer benefits to support caregiver employees and reduce turnover, support work-life balance, increase job satisfaction, as well as recruit and retain staff.

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