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Speaking to a Curious Connected Community

I know how taxing caregiving can be because I’ve lived it. I've seen the toll it can take on the family members and friends of people needing care.  My experience as both a caregiver and someone needing caregiving inspired me to launch this business to teach other people the skills I learned the hard way.

Caregiving for a loved one is never easy, but I can help you learn to take better care of yourself while caring for someone else. Most of us try to do it all ourselves. We feel guilty. We feel like we're not enough. We don't need help. I'm here to show you another way.

Speaking and Education

Melody offers educational events onsite, in the community and via online webinars that offer information and support for caregivers. She is a sought after speaker for professional groups, conferences, corporations, support groups and associations, and women's groups. Her talks focus on:

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